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Business & Technology Solutions

The management and staff at 10Types take great pride in providing best-in-class Business and Technology solutions.  Reach out to us today, let's drill-down into your needs and explore solution options.

America's best and brightest talent at affordable prices.

Marketing & more ...

Marketing, Branding, Sales Strategies, and more define and drive business development and growth.  No smoke or mirrors at 10Types, tricks are for kids.  We help define and execute Marketing strategies that benefit traditional business and our approach to SEO starts with helping customers attain "legitimate" relevance.  We'd ask that your explore alternatives and talk to a 10Types Marketing Specialist today.

Internet Hosting Services

10Types hosting plans are true Business Class services and our customers do not compete with others for the Internet resources purchased. NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN! We keep customers by keeping them satisfied.

Our Internet Hosting services extend far beyond traditional web hosting, 10Types offers (managed or unmanaged) HPC Beowulf / Hadoop Clusters, Big Data & Data Lake storage, self-provisioned Cloud computing, and so much more.

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