Platforms and Software for Business and The Sciences

Business & Scientific Platforms

The management and staff at 10Types takes great pride in providing best-in-class platform solutions spanning business, scientific, and technical Information Technology realms.  Systems / Storage / Network Design or Administration, IT Security, Computing at Scale, High Performance Computing (HPC), Systems Integrations, Business Analytics and Big Data.

Reach out to our team, let's drill-down into your needs and explore solution options.

Internet Hosting Services

10Types hosting plans range from economical web hosting to true Enterprise Class Business & IT services (including highly available services, backups & Disaster Recovery, and more). NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN! We keep customers with 10Types by keeping them satisfied.

Our Internet Hosting services extend far beyond the realm of traditional web hosting, 10Types offers (managed or unmanaged) HPC Beowulf / Hadoop Clusters, Big Data & Data Lake storage, self-provisioned Cloud computing, and so much more.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering at its finest!  Software Engineering is engineering but also an art -- a lost art.  Why pay outrageous rates for bug-laden software?  Or race to the bottom of hourly rates only to work in timezones on the other side of the planet while getting invoiced for ballooning hours?  10Types provides unparalleled depth and breadth of software engineering skills complemented by extensive experience with full-stack solutions.  Web, e-commerce, client / server, analytics, desktop, and beyond ... let's discuss your software objectives, we're convinced you'll soon understand why 10Types is a world apart.

Building Partnerships One Customer at a Time

About 10Types

Combining Information Technology / Services with solid foundations in Business and the Sciences, 10Types serves Computing and Marketing needs in Private Sector, Public Sector, and Academia.  10Types offers support for Computing at Scale / High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data and Analytics / Business Intelligence, custom software development / high performing algorithms, systems / networks / storage design and administration, Enterprise Class Internet Business and Scientific hosting, web sites / e-commerce / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ... supporting combinations of on-premiss infrastructure, co-located / hosted services, and both Private and Public Cloud (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, and more).

10Types is "Thinking that powers business".

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Services Concerns

Outages or services issues for Internet Hosting, Cloud services, on-prem infrastructure, or related services should be directed to our Network Operations Center (NOC).

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Trouble-reports for services not covered by a Support Agreement with 10Types are addressed on a "best effort" basis.